Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going back to day One

Many asks how painful it was. But unfortunately I cant remember anymore. All that comes into my memory is that I wanted my baby to come out safely and alive;) I didn't care how I felt! My mind was programmed that all I had to do was try my very best to deliver her into this beautiful world kicking! It was maybe hard cause she did not came out through normal delivery but through cs operation.
But anyway, she came out so healthy and pretty little one. I can't imagine what a glorious feelings I felt that time. I can remember tears of joy falling on my eyes upon seeing her. Every pain gone and forgotten. Overflowing joy came in. I again saw the tears of my husband. Oh what lovely gift God has given to us.
Now, she wishes a baby brother:) May the Lord will hear her prayer!
Godbless dear one! It will be a long journey but I know you will be fine.
Hugs and kisses!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My little Princess

Call me 'I love my own', because maybe I am when it comes to my baby. I'm so proud of her even the fact that I'm sometimes missed up as 'yaya' than a mother.
In my eyes, she's the prettiest and loveliest of all. I count myself as lucky having her. She has not only adorable beauty but her wittiness adds her brightness.

She is my little princess. She loves to wear dresses! She is so girly but playful. She wants to look clean and beautiful and will cry if she has dirt or something on her face or any part of her body as if it hurts her.
Well, every child is thier mother's pride and all. What I feel about my daughter is just normal. Right??? mommys out there;) Godspeed!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Her Punishment

Eveytime, she've done a mistakes or done something stupid, her dad put her on her room and will not let her out if she don't promise she will be a good girl. And it really works.. it doesn't hurt her but in that way she learns that there's always consequences in everything she do. Likewise if she did something brilliant, she also recieves many good things from us.

Today, she messed up:( She was told not to pee anywhere else but in the toilet. And she already have been behaving and been very responsible for quite a while now not peeing anywhere. But this morning, while she was so busy playing with her bike dolls and other things, she happened to pee on my floormat (where my computer table is..i call it 'my place', my office;))

Hmm... her dad did not let it go unpunished. As usual she was put in her room and she cried so much there and as a mother, it seems my heart will explode listening my little girl's cry but it should be done for her to learn that we are serious implementing what we said. Anyway, just maybe 30 minutes she said to her dad she will not do it again;) and she was free:)
Hmmm.. what a day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

under the rain!!!

mommy moments

Todays Mommy Momments is 'rainraingoaway:)' Here are my *mag-ama* swimming under the rain;)
We have no so much pix on rainy days but this pix??? I hope its clear that it rains so much and the father and daughter enjoying so much. This was in Philippines last year during our visit. They really enjoy the swimming pool when it rains. They cannot do it here in sweden or else they will freeze, but in Philippines they thought it was so good when it rains.
Have a great rainy MommyMoments everyone!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Papa's girl

She is my girl
He is her dad
They are my darlings
They are like this before, My baby slept so well on her fathers breast. They actually so cute to watch together. It was my joy seeing them like that. I can feel my husbands stress and pressures from work all gone and just simply having a nap with her little girl on him.

The funny thing is.. they look like this now when they sleep. They don't know they have the same position when sleeping. (I have many pics that they sleep in the same position, just cant put it here.. my husband sleep naked.. this is the only safe pix. hehe).

Oh..she's really her papa's girl. I love watching them play, and her dad teaching her many things. She even listen to her dad than me. She learns fast from her dad than from me;) Sad to admit but true.
Well... am not jealous huh! After all, they are my darlings.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little BIG girl

These past days she dont want anymore to wear diaphers, she dont want me or her dad help her to eat, she already choose what she wears and she don't want to sleep with us anymore;) WHY??? As her mouth always blurted out that she is no longer a baby, " I'm a big girl already!"
Even when we go out, she will no longer want to sit on her stroller, she can walk well and run, only babies needs "barnvagn" she said. But the problem with this is that it will took us so long before we arrive on our destination, she saw many things on the way that catches her attention. haaayyy!
One night lately she told me, "mama, i will sleep on my room tonight;)" (She don't sleep yet on her room, she used to sleep in our sofa if not on our bed with us). Then I ask why? then she answer as the usual 'big girl already' but there's more.. "or else i can't have little sister:)"...ngee.... and then when we laugh she still continue seriously with a darling voice..." i want little sister mamma". So you don't want a little brother?..then she said simply...(still in darling voice) "aalso0" ngek!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

painted my heart

Everytime people noticed it, they said; "what kind of love a mother has on you that she put her heart on your face;)" so sweet to hear. It looks good on her actually but a little distructive for people keep on noticing it! Yap! she has a birthmark on her right check, a heart form.

From the beginning in her school, her co -children, always touching her face and will cry cause they want to borrow it, all my little girl can do was cry she can't speak yet that time. Now if somebody touch it... uh,uh! she already can! with pointerfinger she'll say " nej!! inte röra den, min mamma mååla den!" (no! don't touch it! my mom painted it) hahaha!

Well, it will be gone in a right time her doctor said, infact its quite fading now,as you can see in the picture, but before it will completely gone I want something memory here.

Love her so much even when she was still an embryo!heheh


When we visited Philippines last year and summer, while we were walking at the mall (MOA) a cute girl maybe age 4 or 5 shouted..." look mommy! the baby has a golden hair:)" . My little girl was still 1 and half years old that time.

Yes, my little girl has a golden hair. Not so usual with a half blooded pinay. She looks more than her dad. And if someone saw her and dont know me??? They really cannot tell that her mom is an asian. Am so proud of her though. Even if sometimes I'm asked if I am the mother:( heehe. 'lami gud sila suntokon' but I cannot help it!

Anyhow! she has my eyes (wink*) and my personality:) And that she loves me so much!

Monday, August 10, 2009

One Step higher..

Today is Angelikka's first day to another level. We were told before vacation break that she will be transfered already to Nursery since she's already too big for the toddlers:) Whew! time goes so fast!

Looking back when I first put her to daycare she was just exactly 1yearold the first baby... and I was cying..I dont want to leave her there but I have to fight for that feelings for my sake, for our family sake! I felt that time the hardest situation when you are in foriegn land. Everthing you will do and experience just to survive. Things that people in our homeland don't understand;(

Now, she's one step higher:) And it really shows how she grow so beautiful and smart. Many said that she mature so well. She's so adorable and talented. She learned so fast and even handle herself so good. That was just my prayer before that somehow the result of that early dropping to school must be positive and "please God take care of my daughter, dont let them hurt your angel" that was my cried to the Lord everytime.

Now, I can see and so proud of her.
Today is another challenge, another learning one step higher!
Goodluck little one! love you so much!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lara Angelikka a.k.a 'Laikka'

When I was still single, and teaching pre-school in Philippines, I promise my self to name my child only a few letters so it will be easy for them when they'll start writing. As teacher to the beginners, I always find it hard to help my pupils fit thier names in one line on the paper. Why??? coz parents try to gave names that are unique, the reason it will be 2-3names in one. So I said, if I will have my own..its gonna be only 3letters instead of 3names. That was before., hehe, I forgot everything! Then I learned that you dont mind anymore when it comes to your baby:) Now I understand.
My daughters full name is Lara Angelikka Björlin. We call her 'Laikka' obviously from the two names combined. Lara because my husband's name is Lars and Angelikka - its my husbands choice. Its just my idea to make it double 'k' to be unique..the fact that angelica is sooo common.

Well, Lara Angelikka means- Lars little angel;)

The next child should be mine. lol!

She is an angel of mine

It has been said that children are gifts, a precious gift. Well, absulotely they are I can say. But my lila, she's an angel entrusted to me and to her dad. When she came into our lives, everything goes completely different. She gives our lives many beautiful things, a blessing to our lives. And this is what this blog all about!

I will write and share about my daughter's life and more of her. Hope you will be interested and will follow her life's journey.

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