Friday, February 26, 2010

A song from a Mom's Heart in MM!

My lullaby till Angelikka when she was small was the famous "que sera sera" song:) and " I don't know about tomorrow, I just live from day to day.., but I know who holds tomorrow, and I know HE holds your hands!" then she sleep so fast by those songs!

And when she's crying, songs that made her laugh or stop crying were.. "Jesus loves you this I know", and the Alphabet song:)

A- you're Adorable, B- you're so Beautiful:) C- You're so cute and full of Charm.... (then the last part of it that always touches me because it became what my heart precisely says goes like this... ) MNOP- I could go on all day, QRST- alphabetically you are mine, U- makes my life complete, V- you're so Very sweet WXYZ, its fun to sing with you, this alphabet for you, just to tell you what it means..., just to tell you what YOU mean... to ME!!!


mommy moments

Monday, February 22, 2010

Afraid of Dogs! but a Cat lover!!!

Big dogs are not usual to me. I love dogs in Philippines, and I infact grew up having dogs in the family. And so when my husband said that his family have dogs I was not scared at all but was excited instead. But then when I saw them in person..waaaah! Big dogs..and even how my husband said they are so lame and wonderful dogs still I was so hesitant to be near them.

When I was pregnant with Laikka, we visited a friend in Stockholm who have dogs, big dogs and really so hospitable..hahah, what I mean is they (dogs) will meet you at the door like welcoming you but then I was not ready about it. When this big dark brown dog stood up and like hugging me, my fear really was unexplainable! Like I screamed and felt like my spirit flew! I don't know but so strange that when laikka was still a baby, she already noticed to be afraid of dogs. Everytime we visit my inlaws, she'll cry and her eyes so big everytime she saw dogs specially when they bark! But she loves cats! Everytime she saw a cat she become so happy and excited. So, when we went to my husband's sister's house where they have only cats..two big cats and we found out angelikka was delighted and not afraid hugging them. Their hair were so thick and soft, good they have no cat fleas otherwise it will be hard and dangerous to children. Pet fleas are not only disturbing to our dear pets but also to us, It can cause itchiness and uh,uh..hard!

Until now, she's not into dogs yet but we tried to let her feel that dogs are not harmful! They can be her friends and playmates:) In the other hand, she just adore cats. She loves cartoon characters that are cats like hello kitty and garlfield. She loves her clothes that have cat printed on it!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trip by sled!!!

Wow! as I posted at Insights that we had a family bonding this afternoon, it will be expected that I will also post how my girl Laikka was doing also. I did some blog hopping first after posting and I happen to land on Biz Travel Web, a site about trips and travels. I find it interesting and so fantastic. I was stuck there for a while because of its very informative posts thats why just got a time now a little late already to post here about laikka's trip by sled this afternoon!

She was so excited when she hears we are going out and she was shouting! wohoooo, I can ride my sled outside because there's so much snow! Children loves snow, to play and to enjoy. Here are some of her time with her sled and with the snow:)

This is his father's snow angel and she think its fun to lie down there:)

Woohoooo! we really need to go up so she can slide down:)

What you do there angelikka!

Just going out from our apartment bound to walk around the sorounding filled with snow! She looks so happy and excited! Who will not even me, I had so much fun! She fall asleep so fast after we arrived home! She became so tired playing the snow..hahahaha! Have a great day ahead everyone!

Friday, February 19, 2010

First Dental Check Up!!!

Since Angelikka's 1st dental check up was cancelled before, today she finally got it check! She behave so well and all her teeth are very good and perfect! Nothings wrong and I just hope we can maintain it:)

She's so keen observing what the dentist is doing:) Now, she's so proud to say that she have 20 teeth, 10 up and 10 down..hahha! That's the dentist was telling her. Haay! atlast, its fininsh and it went so well! Happy weekend eveyone!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

White Road!!!

Ussch! Everyday, this is the road I have to fight, the snowy road we have to travel on the way to Laikka's day care center! Imagine, if those snow have not yet been took away..huh, it feels like I'm pulling a tons! I tell you, there are really times that I can't see the real road, just a plain filled with snow.
Behind... that lighted house is Laikka's DCC. Atlast we're almost arrived this time! hehe. Today, its snowing again, maybe until tonight. So I'll expect, tomorrow will be a hard day again! So, I need to take a rest now so will have enough strength tomorrow! Gnight! I will visit tomorrow:)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Angelikka's Valentino:)

Angelikka as well had a great time with my little cousin Alexander, my aunt's son. They just play all the time while we, parents were enjoying and having our time too!!! They are so close and enjoy each other's company whenever they're together!!!
Nothing compares the love we have to our children:) Have a great day!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heavenly Love!!!

Heavenly greetings from an angel:) May the love of God that transcends all understanding, bless us all and today as we celebrate our LOVE to each other!

Have a lovely day!!!Mmmmwaah!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Message of LOVE!!!

I was not able to post my Mommy Moments Entry last week due to my very busy schedule. It was suppose LOVE LANGUAGE. Since my little girl cannot do or speak so much yet on what she really feel, her language of love is by her actions which I know she do to us and we to her. We let it out by hugging and kissing. She knows it so well how we love her by our actions toward her! She's so sweet indeed!!! She'll kiss every part of my from head, forehead, nose, eyes, checks and chin gets a kiss from her..hahah! And she wants me to do the same to her!!lol.

This weeks MM is Messages of Love. She draws so much now but cannot write yet but these past few days she already can blurt it out her message by saying "love you mama, love you too papa! Then she'll say: wow! I can already say it mamma!!! hahah. "Jag alskar dig" I love you in swedish is not so easy to say for children, thats why, she's so happy now that she already can!!!

To my little girl Laikka:)
I always love you even from the time when you are still in my womb!
And I will always will.
I'm so thankful that God, by his great love and mercy, entrusted his angel to us.
Me and your dad from the beginning want you to feel and see how we love each other for you to grow full of love!
Love you my little darling more than you know and I thank you for loving us in your own simple way too!!! mamma

Have a lovely moments every one!!

mommy moments

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Remembering the time:)

Since, its snowing here and the cold is extra ordinary and we can barely see the sun all we are thinking and dreaming is summer time. I want to bring back the time when we visit the zero snow country and I'm talking about my homeland Philippines. Though angelikka was sweating all the time there but she love,love to be there! She love to pose on beautiful places we have been and on flowers and beaches and even how she act, she still looks cute and adorable.)

Here's one shot of her at the nearest wonderful hotel beach in our place. We always check in here every weekend. we just sleep over night just to have lyx once in a while:) Oooh I actually miss warm places times like this:) Have a nice day everyone!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hair DO!

She finally satisfied with her hair do!!! waheheheh. Her hair is getting longer everyday and she don't like hair clips or any things on her head. She's been complaining that she can no longer see because her hair covers her eyes and she wants to have hair do...hahhaha.

So, since, we were just home the whole day today, we had time hair cutting and as I tool her to remind me about it.., she did and she was so behave while I tried to make the cutting good!

Hmm...she looks satisfied anyway after I'm done with her..hehehh! Here are some takes:)

Hahaha!!! Don't laugh..she think she's already pretty with it!!! wahahahah!!! Murag bagol..typ!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Bed???

As I was saying that Laikka loved our old sofa so much that she sleep there every night as if it was her bed. And when we got our new sofa, I wonder if she'll still have a good sleep there and if she still want to sleep on the sofa. But since the time we bought it, she never sleep there anymore but to our bed! So we thought she found it uncomfortable there already. But then, the night on his father's birthday when she was so tired playing with cousins and happens to sleep in the sofa as the result of tiredness, she's now back on business again!!! waaaaahhh. Almost one week now that she's sleeping there and worse is she can be there sleeping until morning!

Goodnight little one:)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To complete her vaccination!!!

Because of this "not so good" weather we have here, I mean uh, so much snow and the cold is so much also. Many children at school got sick! sickness that can contaminate to their fellow classmates. And my girl really is easy to be contaminated. But as observed last few months after here first swine flu vaccination... she was free from any children's fever like cough and colds. So I think, that vaccine helps them also to have strong fighting instinc..hheh.

Since children cannot be injected a full dose, they should go back to have second vaccination to complete the dose needed. And finally Angelikka got her second dose last friday and she didn't cry ..she said! hahahah. It was his father who accompanied her this time. She just told me that she did good and not crying...hahah!
Hmmm..all I pray that she will be kept away from all sickness and that she will be in good health always! Godbless everyone!!!

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