Friday, January 29, 2010

This Blog of Mine!!!

When I started my first blog site INSIGHTS, my friend Shy who encouraged me to do blogging suggested me to make a title that somehow about my little girl because I can write many things about it. Her daily life or growth, things she likes and she thought it will be interesting. But I decided to be that title coz what I want to write is all about my own opinion on things I see, feels, heard and anything under the sun. So I was thinking 'Insights' might be good without even thinking that there are already millions of blogsite going on and the tendency to have the same blog title is so strong! I had no idea about this before! All I want was to write,write and write. And how can this passion be useful? Thats when a friend shared to me about blogging! Its not just fulfilling passion but also getting into a world of information about many things and making lots of friends and even earning money.

What??? How??? It was at first, impossible for me and can't imagine how it could be possible to work online! The process was beyond my understanding! My mentor Shy told me that there are lots of webhosting providers who can help us. They can make the impossible to be so easy and make our online business successful! Well, she was right! Because now, I can say that its really simple and enjoyable. With your passion with you and team up with the best web hosts available for you 24 hours, then I can assure you all there that everything is possible!

When I became addicted on blogging and I feel like I earn so much knowledge around the globe, no regret at all, instead I got more bonus and that is having this second blog of mine;) And this time I took my dear friend's advice to have a site for my daughter Laikka, and thus this site was born. I am not one year yet in this biz but I'm already so proud on what I acquired! Both my 'Insights' and this 'Lara Angelikka' are working good. They both earn friends, knowledge and even money!
I would like to thank all my friends here in blogging land for the support by the way of visiting always in my sites and for the knowledge and informations I got from you guys through your posts. And of course to my dear sponsors who believe on me to work for them! May God bless us all!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Angelikka is more happy now that we finally have our digital tv where many channels are on it:) Before, she only can watch the swedish only channel for children which has a time slot. But now, she already have few channels to choose like 4 or five channels and already can watch disney channel, and know more other cartoons and those other familiar cartoon character like Dora, Garfield and more which she don't know before! Just heard it but never knew them.

My problem is? she's like addicted already to it:) But good thing is I can already relax and do blogging without her bagging me all the time:)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Award for Laikka!

I'm thankful to Jacris of Mom's Special Diary for sharing this Eminent Eight to this site Lara Angelikka. Yap, I already have this tag on my Insight but its also heartwarming that someone thought that Laikka deserve this too:) Thanks Jac:)

Since I've already shared my EE at my Insights, I will share here my little darling's Eminent Eight:) Enjoy reading! This is a revised version of EE..heheh!

1. Her number 1 Tv show to watch is BOLIBOOMPA!

2. Yesterday she enjoy playing with her cousin Alexander.

3. I'm looking forward to her growth everyday in all aspects!

4. She loves to play on snow during winter.

5. She's passionate about books,book,books!

6. She often used the word or question; "Varfor?" (Why)

7. She loves to eat at our sala while watching TV:)

8. She learned that to fall hurts! hahhaha!

Grab it those who still don't have:) Have a nice day!

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Favorite on Mommy Moments!

She's now growing fast and learn things pretty much! And as we observe her, she likes to draw and paint now adays and do some cutting, pasting and the like! maybe because thats their activities in school!

She also paints on paper and paste it on my table. She said she did it for me:)

And one new favorite thing she'll love to do nowadays and we enjoy so much is that she plays like a "mommy and her doll is her baby. She also pretend as if she's cooking or fixing baby's food and feed her doll. While feeding she 's talking like... " Eat little one so you can drink coke after" hahahh! as in coke!

Look closely, the food on the plate are coins...hahahha!

After the food, of course the milk or something for the baby to drink:) She's funny because she talk alone while doing it!
Her new favorite cartoon character are BAMSE, MINNE and DONALD DUCKS!

mommy moments

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Laikka's first Dental Check up!

CANCELLED!!!! weee.. I'm a little annoyed because doctors appointments are not the only thing we consider when living here where every hour is gold and every schedules must be planned and arrange before hand! We recieved a letter from her dentist a month ago that its time for angelikka's dental check 21 of January, which is today. And so I also change my tooth medication schedule, the root filling today to save my absent at work but then yesterday afternoon we recieved a letter from Laikka's doctor that her time is cancelled and it will be on 27jan instead! Aaaaah!

Hmmm..anyway, I have done fixing my root canal this morning and with me now is the bill that is painful huhuhu. But our dentist said I can pay it 2times:) hahahh! Hmmm. I have another time schedule and it will be the last medication! I hope everything will be alright then!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something New:)

Angelikka love, love our old soffa. As I've been mentioning few times that she don't sleep on her bed yet, but at the sofa and when she woke up in the middle of the night she'll transfer to us. We've been planning to buy a new sofa for quite sometime now because even if what we had was a skin kind but already old as about 15-20 years:) it was one of my husband's things that need a change.
The old living room:)

Hurray! last sunday, one of our activity was the coming of our new soffa and the making of our living room! We wonder before if what her reaction the time we'll get away the old soffa but she fall asleep(at her room while watching TV) when they took it away and when she woke up, something new at our living room she found! And...she went crazy..heheh! She was so happy, jumping, hopping in to it, tumbling..hahhah! We don't know what she think about it but I think she love it as I do:)

She don't understand the feeling..hehe.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Her cousin's birthday!!!

As I have posted couple of months ago about Laikka's cousin's mother side which are all girls, Angel Faith and Cara Faith both are my brother's daughters. In the other hand, her cousins on father side are all boys:) Linus and Måns, both are my sister in law's sons.

The eldest Linus just celebrates his 10th birthday yesterday. Linus is a sweet smart kid and so kind to everyone specially to his little cousin laikka. They're so close to each other everytime they're together. And Laikka really enjoy his company and so happy everytime she'll know that we will meet or go to them or they will visit us. Well, since yesterday was his big day, we went there to celebrate and angelikka was so happy knowing she'll meet them again:) I planned to give him a personalized mugs since he's already on his adolescent where in this stage, they already want to personalize thier things. It feels good when your things have your name on it for example! But then, he wished for another thing and that is also more important that he like what we give or they need it!

We had fun, I like his cake personally made and designed by his mother with 10 pcs. of orange colored fruit, (heheh, forgot the name). Good food, best time hanging out with the family and chatting whatever while my girl was enjoying playing with her cousins.

Here are some shots!!!

She adore him...hahahha!!!

We leave their house already dark, and still angelikka look so happy:)

Well, Happy birthday Linus and thanks for the party! May you always have the best this year!!! Congratulations!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"New born" on Mommy Moments!

mommy moments
The New born LARA ANGELIKKA:) Oh haaaaaa????? oh haaaa?????

Its really heart warming looking back and be reminded once again, on the day when our angel was born. Seeing a new life, a new baby is a thing worth remembering. As in the feeling, the mixed emotions..huh! How wonderful!

Nothing can beat the feeling I had inside:)

And so do his:)

This picture I saw her the first time clearly. I tried to deliver her normally but she really did not came out. So I was hurried to emergency for a ceasarian since I was already so weak. ( But it was just my drama... strange as it is but I really want to be ceasarian from the start but its so expensive here when you want a planned CS. But emergency CS is free!!! hahahah. Well, what they really want is let everyone try the normal one! So after the operation and she was out, it was my husband who took care of her for 6 hours because I was put to recovery room first! But right after she was born, they put her on my breast to let me feel and the baby., before they took me away! It was just amazing!!!

Everyone in our family and friends were very happy:) WHO DON'T!!! hheh Happy CC!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

"Jesus Loves me this I know! "

When she was still a baby, I used to sing or hum for her to go to sleep. The song "Jesus loves the little children" and "Jesus loves me" were the song I repeatedly sang for her that even when she cry, she stops when heard me singing those songs. But when she get older and growing my song for her changes also like when she was one year old and already can respond in her own way.., I sang action songs and jolly.., to entertain her not for her to sleep but for her to be awake and laughing. Songs like A-you're adorable (The alphabet song), and "God is good to me" were the common ones. Until she went to school and learn new songs but Swedish.

But I'm so amazed presently, she want me to sing for her when we are in bed for her to go to sleep. Since I can't sing swedish songs yet, I used my old songs, the "Jesus loves me, this I know" waahhh, it seems she heard a familiar song and find it so nice that she really fall to sleep with it and of course tapping her shoulder while singing! And its almost a week now that she want me to sing this song when she sleeps and last night she already told me , Mamma, I can also sing that song with you! hahah... then she really can, even if not exactly all words but she can! I'm so proud of it!!!..and happy! Jesus loves Us indeed!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Angry for being "cute"!

My little girl (note: she don't want to be called little girl but 'big girl') hahah, anyway, me and my husband find it so strange when she got so furious when we call her 'söt' it means 'cute'. As mother and father, our children can be the cutest of all in our own eyes right? And so, because she already have many actuations, wierd questions and new discoveries this point of her age, we as parents find her so cute everytime she showed us her fun tricks. And all we can say is "wow how cute you are gumman.."But then surprisingly, she stop and so angry and said, " No I'm not CUTE, and even cry and turn to her papa and told him..(sumbong) "Papa, mama said I'm cute..hikbi* " And so her papa said, yah you are cute, nah.., she get wild and even more angry " shot up I'm not CUTE" and with fiery eyed and hands giggled!
Wah! I took her and she sobs on my shoulder while talking , "mama, I don't wanna be cute".. uh,uh! We look each other with my hubby and laugh silently but wondered why she's like that while other children will act more pacute when called "cute". So, I ask her, what are you then if you are not cute? She simply said; I just wanna be Angelikka! lol!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturdaysweets for laikka!!!

"Lordaggodis allihoppa!!! Hehe, as what I said, children here in sweden were trained not to eat candies and sweets if not saturday! So, the day or the word "saturday" is always connected with the word godis which means candies (goodies). hmm.. since its saturday, its her best day cause finally she can eat the candies she love:)


Just what I need!

Yesterday, we finally had time to hang-out with my friend Jenny. She prepared fried fish and chicken sotanghon, hmm..yah so filipino dish. And we miss Shy because she supposed to be with us too..:) Angelikka was with us too and eat a lot since we promised her to paint her nails after eating:) usual we arrived so late, cause Laikka didn't want to go until she's finish painting something for Jenny..heheh! Jenny gave us a gift but we did not open it until this morning! And happy when I found out what it is! JUST WHAT I NEED! It's a mickey "mouse" hehe.

I've been planning to buy a mouse for my netbook so it will be easier for me to use it. But today I got it as a christmas present! This friend knows my need because I'm always asking her help in terms of computer whereabouts. I admit, I'm not so knowledgeable about how far we can use our computer. But one thing I know, almost everything can be transacts through online transactions. Business, shopping, even foods and not only that,this can be your ultimate personal training software too. Yap, we can have the training we want here which simplify our schedules, and still get the goal size that we want. That is why, I get interested of surfing and learning about many things that online services gives because it widened my horizon. Almost all my free time were spent here on my computer! So, not so strange that I love computer gadgets nowadays:)

Thank you so much my friend, Angelikka loves it too and thought its hers again for the fact that it has a disney mickey mouse design. But she's happy anyway that its for the pink mini lappy cause all this time she thought its her computer..hehe.

Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Her Sweetness!!!

Like mother like daughter we are when it comes to camera:) When Laikka was still a baby, I was fun of taking pictures of her and choreographing her. Maybe thats why its already normal for her to pose on the camera with or without instruction how she should look. She knows now that she should pose different angles..hahahh!

Here are some of her poses last Christmas:)

Hahahh.. as if she's modelling the things on our christmas tree! hehe!
Yap! I instructed her what to hold..but the head and smile thinge are all hers! hahah!

Happy Tree Kings Everyone!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The gymnast!;)

Showing a little bit of what she can!!! Hahha. It was already morning but we were still awake due to the new year mania..hahha. She was already tired but handled to be awake until 3am. She've done lots of lying on the floor, rolling and crawling and they even lie down under the table and told us its thier home. These actuations are signs of them being sleepy.

While we keep on talking each other some sitting, others standing. We did not realize that Angelikka listening to us there down the floor on a creeping position and with a balloon between her legs. And when I get the camera to take a picture of her, she still manage to smile! lol..she even don't look sleepy ! Wow! she can!!! love my own! peace! Hope this will put a smile into your face:) Enjoy your day!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's EAT!

Yesterday was our first sunday of this year 2010. And as we used to have good food and family eating together, I made my husband's and daughter's favorite... 'the vege-pasta ala janet' hehe. I relly don't know its name, i got this from my Aunt when I came here in sweden since our husbands loves pasta! My mother-in -law loves it and so she named it that way! Laikka named this as pizza..hahah and she eat much when this is our food!

Last new year's eve, because we celebrate it to my aunt's place, my husband cooked the " potatis grating" its a finely sliced potatoes with cream and other spices..I don't know how to do this, this is one of Swedish basic food on special gatherings like parties! I like it when it's made by my hubby as well as my little girl;)

Fresh pasta the flat one ___ 300grms.
= Boil as instructed=

carrots, swamp/mushroom, broccolli__ its up to u how much on each..depends on what you like most. Like me love carrots so i put more carrots than broccolli since dont like the last.
Red and green bell pepper__ the sweet one..big kind ( I mean our bell pepper here that I used in that recipe are different from Phil. kind. hahha! I don't know but my girl can eat it fresh and natural. Its crispy and sweet and big).

= In a pan with a cooking oil; mix all these vegetables with onions as if you are just frying vegetables and savor it with cubemix. Put a little water gradually to produce little sauce.
= Then set aside.

pork meat......... half kilo___ cut into cubes and fry with a little salt enough for the meat. Then set aside.
bacon..... 300grms. ____ cut also and fry. when brownish, set aside.

In a small casserole___ put a margarine as oil, fry pressed garlic and put 3dl cream when the garlic already give little color. Put the fire into slow mode while stirring gradually, put cheese, maybe 5-7 cuts, one cut at a time while continue stirring until all the cheese turn into liquid mixed with cream..and you are done!

In a form place first the cooked pasta nicely.
Put the vegetables at the top.
Spread the fried meat at the top.
Spread the fried bacon
Pour out the sauce!
Enjoy your meal!

Sorry if this is not the ideal written recipe. I'm not used to it! heheh. Goodluck!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

With Her Chariot!

Hehe..her majesty! Princess Lara Angelikka...ahehhe! She like horses. And she's not afraid to ride real horse, its fun for her instead! And when it comes to toys, she wants a horse with a princess at the back riding on it or a beautiful white horse with a carussel . She have these kind.
So one day on our christmas shopping, she found this thing, a horse with a chariot, outside the store. And there she was stuck and just want to stay and sit there. And look at her beautiful pose with a cute smile, isn't it obvious that she felt she's in wonderland? hahahha! The new generation reinder and the young helper of santa claus! Weee... Have a nice day!

Friday, January 1, 2010


She loves to read books and watch children films lately, so because she already recieved so much from birthday gifts, I told others who asked what they can give angelikka for christmas which she still don't have. Since she already have plenty enough I told them books and children films would be good. She was so happy everytime she open gifts and its a book!

And today she starts the first day of the year by reading her new books! Its a good thing I think! hehhe.
How about you? How you start your day?

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