Friday, December 30, 2011

Kiddy make-up Kit!

She likes to watch over me when I'm doing my face everytime we have parties and she really have a big interest on make up and other girly stuff like painting her nails or putting lipstick on her lips. Now ,it was her wish for christmas to have something like that. She recieved lipgloss of different colors, recieved a kit with kiddy lotion, perfume and such thing for girls. But the best of them all when she recieved this pink atache and its a kiddy make up kit! Everything was set aside and she keeps on opening it day and night..hehe.

She was so happy and feel like she's already a little woman;) Linking this to Pink Friday!

Have a Prosperous New Year Everyone! See you next year;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Laikka's Snow Ball !

The first day it snows here last week, Laikka was excited and want to get out andplay with the snow! She got her first snow ball of this year. Hehe, she's funny!

She got a big smile on her face that she found a big one inspite that there was no much snow yet that day!
Today, the ground also is white, maybe snowing in the night! Connecting this to Wednesday White!
Have a snowy morning Sweden!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Another HK Stuff!

It's friday once again and I cannot think it's been a week since Laikka celebrated her birthday. Yes, she recieved lots of gifts and mostly are things she wished for! And then as usual, Hello Kitty stuffs and princesses are just plenty;)

I noticed, she responded more happier when it's hello kitty she got..heheh! Her share on this week's Pink Friday! Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Lara Angelikka!

She was so excited these past weeks. She can't wait she will become 5 years old! And so when the day came, I can't explain and I was wondering what she really felt! All I know she was so happy and proud!

Happy, Happy Birthday my darling! I'm so proud of you! Just don't grow so fast;) Hugs and Kisses from the whole family! We love you!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Early Christmas,Birthday coming soon!

My angel Laikka was my ever christmas gift 5 years ago. This little angel comes from heaven given to us to complete us. Her birthday is fast approaching and she's now have the understanding how is it to celebrate a birthday. And since she's december baby, she actually starts our christmas spirits. It won't be long like in ten days, she'll already be 5 years old! Wow, I almost can't believe I already have a grown up girl that looks like me..heheh!

 At the big Christmas Tree in the city inside the mall . taken last sunday when we were going to church. We went earlier so we think of dropping by at the mall. She looks bright on the reflect lights on the christmas tree;)
 At the church, at the recieving room area. There are already christmas decors and stars and so we thought of posing before going out after the church service!
While walking bound to the train station, we passed by this store that has already christmas design on the window glass and she pose there and wanted a picture! mode!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thoughtful Girl!

Angelikka lately since the weather became closer and closer to winter, and therefore cold and sometimes it just keeps on raining so she missed many things. She missed the summer and the people she had been mingling like her cousins and classmates and friends. She missed playing at the park and just being outside doing whatever there is!

Everyday, she'll ask me, "what we gonna do today mamma?" And it's so sad when my answer will be just home since the weather is not that good! But she'll always come up with an idea on what is fun to do while at home. She draw and write but then lately she's writing some letters. And on her letter she always said that "I'll come to visit you when the sun is there";) And then, 'I miss you'. Then she'll ask her pappa to send it. Oh, I think she's so sweet of doing that!

Then time came that I was four days away from her. Guess what when I came home? I was so touched because she handed me a box and she said it's a mailbox where her letter to me everyday are inside. And then she hugs me with the word I miss you so much! I was teary eyed because she's also sick (colds and now became cough).

***I love you so Angelikka, you are always in my mind and heart even if I'm far away maybe from you some of the time, but there's no minutes that I don't think about you!***

Sunday, November 6, 2011

She takes care of her little sister!

Laikka becomes more and more understanding now to her little sister though at times she get jealous of her. She's proud to teach Erika anything and since it's Erika's learning stage, she learns quickly and that makes Laikka so proud! She wants to be the one to bottle feed her sister and even wants to carry her. It's nice to see them and good to see that she wants to take care of her little sister. But the problem is , the little one gets easily irritated and wants to do alone too. They'll fight! I just let them at times and explaining the big sister about some situation!She's smart! and try to learn also about being a big sister!

There are times she act as a baby, well, I know it's normal and I just let her feel that she's always my baby and is equally loved and attended like her little sister. I am so proud about her! And I'm happy that she love her sister so  dearly too!

Have a blessed sunday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

White Winter Coat!

Hurrah! for winter and cold breeze everyday. Well, we have to accept it that its really getting colder and colder everyday and we have to use our winter clothes!
Last saturday when we attended a party, Angelikka looks so cute on her new winter coat. Well not so new because she had this last year but still so big to her but now it already fits well!

Looking to this picture, my mind already wandering and thinking, sooner or later I already have a teenager. Well, she's only 4 now but look at her, she's already so alluring..hehe! Connecting this to wednesday white! Happy middle of the week!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pretty Girls!

Cold already. We can no longer go out without any jacket on us even if there is sun sometimes still the breeze so cold. And here are the cousins Laikka and Lea on their pink jackets, aren't they lovely and pretty? This is for Pink Friday, Happy Weekend!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dentist Time!

Last month we recieved a letter from the Dental Clinic for Angelikka's schedule for dental check up this year. But then the schedule they gave us fits on my birthday so we declined and asked another schedule. They gave us last week but then early on that day, the clinic cancelled our time because the dentist was sick. And so they rescheduled it today and finally its over!

She was already behave this time and no longer afraid not like the first time last year. And she was even became prouder when the doctor said she have very nice teeth and that everything looks as it should suppose to on her age. She have 20 healthy teeth and good in shape. She told the doctor that she brushed her teeth many times..hahahah! She recieved a gift! Good girl Laikka!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Inside Shoes!

It's autumn now and it's getting colder and colder everyday! This is just a start of the coming long winter we will be having here in Sweden. So in preparation for winter time, I already take out winter clothes and stuff for the children for the school needs it!

Laikka found her pink shoes for inside house, like they need it in school, and now its already perfect for her. It was given last year but it was a little bigger for her and now it already fits well.

Because it's friday, this will be my entry for this week's Pink Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

She got a real phone!

Children here maybe are so spoiled of different gadgets! At the age of seven above, children here already have high tecnology toys or something to play on! But then my Angelikka is still four and running 5 thhis december and just got her iphone3. She is already good in playing phone games and always borrowed our iphones when she is bored and I want to work in my computer in focus. And also during our long travels by car, she will be busy playing games on iphones.

The grandmother noticed it! So, when she bought an iphone4 last week, she gave her iphone3 which she just bought last july this year. It's still so new and gave it to my Laikka. She was so happy and I just hope she already knows how to take care of it! Of course with my guidance! Grattis little girl and thanks to my mom-in-law for it!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Laikka and the pink flowers!

In summer time, Laikka has been in many different kind of amusement center and this year she had already enjoyed places like these. I got this nice poses of her with her simple pink pair of clothes and with her hair in "jinkie".

What is that? That beautiful flower is as pretty as she is, trying to pose in drama!wink*

A pose at the pink flower and the bunny formed plant as her background! Connecting this to PInk Friday! have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cornflakes without Milk!

Angelikka don't want the milk to be on her cornflakes that morning. She wanted it to be crispy when she eat it but she wants her milk in the other glass set aside so she can drink it from time to time! It's her style and its a fight if you'll correct her!

I noticed she had the orange bowl and an orange flower design on her cup, so I took picture for times like this:) I mean Orange Tuesday time!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Great deal at Net10!

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I just knew of a friend so near to me that he and his wife has been using Net10 for a couple of years now! He looks so happy about it! I can really See the Light on his face while sharing me about it and he's so happy that I'm into it too! You see, they have Easy minutes plan with Pay as you Go plans. Its an automatic plans that starts with only  $15 for 200 minutes, how great is that! Let's listen on What Rob has to say about how all these good stuff works! Best not only for our everyday life but also on business! It ranges to more than 75 countries long distance availability. Another good thing with them is that they only uses high  trusted phone manufacturers.

I enjoyed watching this Cute NET10 commercial  with people or costumers sharing their bright experiences with Net10. You too can check them out even in facebook and twitter . Check this video as well;

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer Orange!

 Angelikka 2 summer ago had this orange summer clothes matched with my orange sunglasses looks pretty on her:) That pair of attire was given by my aunt as a present from Philippines. The color enhances her beauty I think:)

 Well, she's always pretty in my eyes whatever she wears, but for this week's orange tuesdays, this will be perfect as my entry! Good day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Juice in the Shoes!

One of the restaurant we have been in one of our travels has gave Laikka a special treatment. She has been a little careless during those times so I told the waiter to give her a juice and if possible in a plastic glass or something for children! Her face lit with a big smile when the waiter was approaching to us because of something she saw and knew its for her.

Yes, her juice was in the shoe-glass:) She was so happy, who don't right? That is so cute for children! And another thing is, that glass is a plastic kind, hmm it really looks like made of glass but its not! I love this picture of her too:)

Friday, September 2, 2011

On Road Signs!

Angelikka nowadays already learning many things outside school and home. And one usual for children are road signs. Of course she learned it from school but what I mean is she already applying it everytime we went out and go to the city. She knows that folk should cross the street only  if the signal light turns green. And so when she saw somebody crossing even if its red she will be kind of angry and say...they're stupid! And also she thinks as if she know more than me :)

Roads also here has for everyone. For people, for bikes, and for cars. So, she's also meticulous on those signs.
Good its how arrange and well guided here. Thats why its hard for us when we visit my homeland where there's no detailed signs. Angelikka has many questions and really need to be watched out. She'll do things freely and will reason out if corrected. Like, "there's no sign"!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Net10 Unlimited, Nationwide!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Living across the miles from your family and friends is not easy nor cheap. We are fortunate this time because we already have these fine technologies that keep us connected to our love ones and one primary way is phone calls. But the cost of it hinders the length of  time we want to talk with them.

Well, not anymore with Net10 unlimited plan. Getting unlimited talk,text and data nationwide with only $50 a month I think is a great deal. No contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks, how great is that. Our primary problem with long distance call is the reception right? That's the best thing here cause according to one Real NET10 customer , the coverage of its connection is simply excellent. Listen to What Rob has to say about all our worries in terms of connecting our love ones through phones. By the way Net10 uses only trusted phone manufacturers like LG,Motorola,Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung.

Now how is monthly plans useful not only for business but on our everyday life? Check out 10 Good Reasons which one of the best is the unlimited minutes of talking. And I'm lovin' on the fact that it suits our budget and its nationwide, long distance available to over 75 countries. And much more. Check out their Cute NET10 commercial and be informed aside from being entertained, surely you will See the Light like I did.

For more updates and stuff check them on Twitter and Facebook. And also this video is worth watching for more explanations.

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Goodluck and have a great day!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Umbrella!

Angelikka happened to break her princess umbrella for quite a time now. So when we were in that american store I was talking about during our visit in Germany, she also got her own shopping. She found a cute umbrella and she just put it in our cart and said; "I want that" period.

It was a great weather during our vacation there but then during our camping for a day at Europa Park after we bought rains! And then she! good that I bought a new umbrella, I knew its gonna rain:)"  Oh well, its friday my friends so gonna link this to 'pink friday' cause this is simply pink umbrella!again!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feels like a princess!

Angelikka was so excited when we were visiting the real castle. She was asking if she can see a real princess there. But as we know there's no real princess on the real castle now like at disney land. So, when we were inside the castle, fortunately there are paintings around and so I told her that those were the real princesses that lives here before. And because the pictures were two girls...her eyes glittered and said wow! its like me and Erika..all girls:) hehhe.

I can see she feels like a princess when we were there. She'd like me to take pictures with her and the castle:) She even wishes to marry a prince(laugh out loud). I told her she's always a princess to me and her father's.

I was happy she enjoyed the trip even if it was a little hard to get there..we had to walk because it's in the hill.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lost in the city!

Oh well, I was so worried this afternoon when we were in the city, Laikka was lost again! "Again" because she has been lost already in the store a month ago when me and Sarah went shopping on a quite big store here in our place. She has this style of hiding from me like playing while in the store then the next thing she know, she's already lost! She was found by a store worker and Sarah saw her first, when the personal asked if she's her mother she said 'no' and did not even say she's with us, she's mama's friend, hayyzz so the store personal did not gave her to Sarah. But thats a good thing that they would not give to anybody else.

And today again, still me and Sarah went shopping or window shopping. She's out of our sight again! This time it's the guard of the mall who found her! I was more worried this time because its already a mall..huhuh! She herself was so afraid also. I hope she'll learned this time, otherwise I will put a chain on her like a dog when we will go to the city..hehhe!(joke).
Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, July 25, 2011

black attire!

Angelikka been growing pretty fast this past days so there are many clothes that are already so small for her. So, we bought new clothes for her. The father just bought a hello kitty black and laikka love it so much. And yesterday, when we attended a kids party, she was wearing that said HK paired with another black skirt. She look chic!

So, I'm linking this to chic in black where it belongs;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wonderful Day!

playing with the birds
She had asked me this question nowadays; " Mama, now that I'm already a big sister who decide now?" So I said, mama and papa and YOU can decide too on somethings like what you want to do and to be. "Aha!Thanks mama" she said it happily! When her father came she told him that she already can decide now what she wants and his father said..of course you can.

the little girl is in too
One day, she saw in television a family going picnic and I never thought she has to ask us that she wants us to eat outside, picnic at the lakeside which is just at the back of our apartment. And said, "I'll decide now, we will eat outside" huh, she was trying to use her new power in the house and since, it was not a bad idea anyway..we did eat outside and had picnic! She was so happy knowing she has already a voice in the house.

And we had a wonderful day!

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