Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fantastic Summer:) (the journey by car)

So into many things in summer that I happened to let my blogs left neglected. I'm so sorry guys, specially to my mother- in -law who is a big fan in this site:) Well, its because this site is all about her dear granddaughter:)

Well, we really had a fantastic summer as a family:) As I've said we're doing a road trip to Paris and it was so succesful and full of memorable memories. I'm so proud about my girl Laikka, she behaves brilliantly the whole trip! She did not gave us problems, tantrums or any annoying childish actions, instead she actually did a great job keeping her dad awake and entertained by her songs, simple Q and A games and even talking whatsoever to us and to her father. She just eat, sleep and talk while we're hitting the road and even will tell her father when she felt peeing or pooing:) Oh she did so well even the uncomfortability of the trip she showed as if it was a great time just riding our car couple of hours and in long distance! So, proud of her!

More about our trip on the next posts! Godbless!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Det dax! "Its TIME!!!

Yah..its been quite a time since my last post:) many reasons which I know you can relate:) Anyway, this is a quick post before we will hit the road:)

Laikka same as me seems can no longer sleep and so excited meeting Mickey Mouse:) Well, we only informed her about disneyland but the travel, the trip we will be having might bore her or we still don't know:) We just excite her about the fact that finally she can visit her favorite cartoon characters and meet them in person:) And she's so excited:)

Well, lets see what's gonna happen:) Its gonna be fun and lots of adventures:) I'll try to keep you updated guys:) Have a wonderful summer to all!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finally Summer:)

Finally Summer is here:) Everyone is happy and everyone is busy:) And finally Laikka can have her summer clothes alone when going out:) It's like a blast for her everyday! Playing outside and swimming at the warm pool under the sun are the things she wants to day all day:)

Glad Sommar everyone:) Have a nice one!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Pairs!!

Angelikka is fond of Hkitty stuff and yah, its far more expensive than the common though just the same anyway. We are paying the name of course:) I don't usually buy but I know those names, color, styles are important to children.

Anyway, she's lucky to have a family, my inlaws who's buying her those stuff:) And since it will be summer few days from now or a week, again her husband's sister bought her a hello kitty summer slipper and Laikka was so happy when she recieved it. Actually she's using it now still with socks but she don't want her shoes already:) She looks so cute on it anyway:)

Thanks aunt Mia:)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where's Laikka?

Me and my husband were so worried when we found out that Laikka was no longer there where other children were playing when we were inside the tunnel at Aeroseum.

The place is huge as I've said and many old and large things there inside. The place has many rooms and ways has many turns and free! Its hard to look if your child will be out of the picture. I am so calm with Laikka everytime we are in the store for example or in a park or in any wide and free places because she has a loud voice and will really don't care whoever hears her when she'll call us the time she can't see us in the middle of the crowd or nowhere. But that time she's so silent, we called her name but no we were so worried where she is.

Then I noticed something in the bush curtain:) As you can see in the picture..its like a little room covered with camouflage and there's a tv there the reason Laikka was stuck and so serious watching her disney favorites. We had passed by there many times but we didn't noticed it and can't see her there. Her father asked her why she didn't answer when we called her..she just said..I heard you but I don't know why I didn't answer:I Hmm.. strange! And with a question back to us; " Have you not saw me here?, I saw both of you, that you're just there around so I was calm." Hmm..maybe this place is a secret room..hhehe! No one can noticed when you sit there!lol.

Monday, May 24, 2010

She Dares!

The swimming pool at my aunt house has been opened the whole week last week but no one dares to take a bath yet since the water still cold and freezing:) The sun stood still the whole week so the pool became better and warmer.

Until last weekend saturday:) It was very nice weather and we came from a war zone..hehehe. We visited the hidden place here in Sweden during the war, its a cave, sooo wide when you get in, full of old helikopters and other things used during the war. Its now a museum called Aeroseum:) We had fun, and I was so amazed of everything there inside and its history. We went around there inside for 3-4 hours so when we get out, the more I appreciate the outside world and the bright shining sun:) We went directly to my aunt house and we ate together outside near the pool! The water was so welcoming that made the little girl took off her clothes and asked her bathing suit and other things cause he wanted to take a bath and even if she was informed that its still cold she anyway dares..heheh! So for the record.., she' the first one who took a bath in this pool this season:) eewww freeezzziiiieng!!! no not her!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Her grandma's birthday!

Laikka is so loved by everyone around her and that includes her grandmother (fatherside) who just celebrated her birthday last weekend! She love Laikka so dearly thats the reason Laikka loves her too that much! She even want to visit grandma every now and then. Luckily she just live near us:)

One day, I ask my little girl to whom she's more look a like, mama, or papa! She answered... I look like farmor:) (grandma). ngeek! hehe, thats how she adore her!

Since my mother in law has a house wagon put up in one of the nice camping site here in Gothenburg, she prepared the party there and so we thought of giving her a nice grill stuff since grilling is best in that place! And look at the little princess, she's more than happy on it and looks like a model on that grill!

Happy birthday farmor, wish you all the best! We love you!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Her scooter:)

Finally its getting warmer and warmer. Summer is here it won't be long! My little girl was so happy last weekend or two weeks ago when her dad assembled her scooter finally. Imagine, this was her birthday gift last december..hehe. Her waiting already quite so long so she was so happy finally she now can use and spark the road with her Hello Kitty scooter:)She looks so pretty and adorable on it! hahaha inspite of being still packed up with jackets:) Atleast the road and the day already dry, clean and bright:) Have a bright day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Laikka is saving!

Almost all children here in Sweden have already savings account on their name. Mostly by their parents or like Laikka she have two accounts, one opened and given during her church dedication by her godparent (my aunt) and its us parents putting up money every month for her. And the second one, from her grandmother (father side) saving everymonth for her! All of these can she (laikka) get/withdraw when she will be 18yrs. old! But this kind of savings they don't understand yet! So, I'm teaching my girl to save my way, hehe like when I was still a child..the piggy bank:)

Empty bottles and cans here are quite money already. Since, we are fond of drinking softdrinks, we always have plenty of empty bottles in one month. So we will bring it to the store and pant it! Every bottle costs 4crowns so its already something! And sometimes when there's a party I will collect the empty bottles also and bring it back to the store then let Laikka put every coin paid from those bottles and cans to her pink piggy bank:) She think its fun and she's so proud about it! In this way she knows she has money and she's the one saving!

Good luck my little girl and have fun!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birds, what a wonder you are!!!

The place where we live is near a lake and every spring when the birds already comes home from their winter vacation to warm land, we used to go in this lake to feed them! We usually have old breads so its so useful when we can give it to the birds instead of throwing.

But this time, Laikka become so interested and had fun of doing it. Maybe because she's already older and already enjoy the feeling specially when the birds coming knowing there's food ahead of them.

At first the lake was so silent! no sign of birds at all, only that two ducklings dating:) But when we began throwing pieces of bread to the water, am so amazed how birds smells it that they just came up from nowhere and more and more they came! Angelikka was so glad and so satisfied when we came home:)
Happy weekend every one!

Friday, April 30, 2010

BLUE on Mommy Moments!

Laikka in BLUE


mommy moments

Its Mommy Moments time and the color for the week is BLUE. Oh no! Laikka has so few. I need to dig over all her pictures from birth to now and take all the blue..hahahha!

Oh! She cute on that light blue dress made by her lola when we were in pinas. She was just 1year old and half that time!

Brushing her teeth in blue and with her blue toothbrush. This was taken like few months ago. The other one was taken when she was still one year old! hahahha.

I think this just all for now! Happy MM everyone!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Laikka thinks...

One day, I show Laikka my tummy and told her there's your little brother or a little sister there inside mamma's stomach! She blurted out! "neheh! (noonoo) its just rice and fish in there like pappa's big tummy full of foods!" (like sarcastically speaking):) And so when my stomach grows a little bigger, and many already congratulates her for having a little sibling, she's thinking, aha! pappa also has? Her father explained; Only girls like you and mamma can have baby in the stomach not guys like me, only food in my tummy! Aha!!! she exclaimed! Yahoooo! I will have my little brother in my mother's stomach and my little sister in my stomach! toink!

And these thinking already unnegotiable:)
Oh, what a mind she have! hehhe. So, parents, must be careful how we explain things to our children. Sometimes hard but what we can do? They are smart!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Laikka's Boat Adventure!

She was so happy knowing we have to ride a boat:) She suppose don't want to get up early but when I said, we will go now to the big boat.., she rose up so excited and even dressed herself on the prepared clothes I've prepared the night before!

It was more interesting for her this time. She did many things and enjoyd the activities for children there! She played with the mascot and other things at the play room where she met other children too!

She got a big towel from the monkey nicke, ballon, ice drop, juice and drawing books! I think she enjoyed the whole trip and her energy was extraordinaire:)

She's so serious doing her book... heheh! Like what we felt, it was also a wonderful time for her, a sort of adventure:)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The dishwasher!

Many friends of mine told me that time comes she wants to do the things you are doing! And washing the dishes is the most common:) Thats why when Laikka starts to show interests on dish washing I just let her and am glad she enjoy it:)

So serious doing like she really can..heheh. Love you 'naknak' stay being a good girl!

Friday, April 23, 2010

RED in Mommy Moments!

It's Mommy Moments time and the topic of the day is color RED! Hmm,I want to share this RED cake during Laikka's first year birthday! So red and yummy..heheh!

Since Laikka was born on the month of December, she recieves many red things. From clothes to toys, from jackets to kid's stuff! Here are few!
Her first bike was RED with her red outfit, its not in the picture but her helmet also was a red bug:) She also had a RED jacket and her favorite stuff toy given by her "ninang" the red dalmatian:)
She's obviously love to pose on flowers and why not on RED? hehhe with that Red lips..aheheh!
Well...she have lots of RED moments but I think these will be enough here:) more RED on mommy moments

Enjoy your weekends folks!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The little helper:)

While the adults were arranging and fixing the housewagon and the things in it.. Laikka and her cousins were doings their things too:)

She tried to help by preparing the little garden:) She want to plant flowers hahahha! Everyone are so excited for the summer to come! Trying to do the things to welcome summer time! Its so nice to watch and feel it! It was a busy day but a happy day:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A day at the circus!

Last friday, as I said we had a family time watching circus. The show will suppose to start at 7pm but we were already there 5:30 to get some freebies and I wanted Laikka to have clown painted on her face! But when she saw other girls who have clown face already. She didn't like it and didn't want to have it on her face either!!! lol! So we just went arround collecting free stuff:) And my husband get the food for us and the I said all free! heheh.

The bread (smårgås) is bigger than Laikka! hahaha... She can hardly bite it! But she was a bit hungry that time maybe! lol!

She enjoyed most watching a man riding a one wheeled cycle, from the longest then to the smallest. She laughed and even clapped her hands!! hahah. She also enjoyed the dogs showing up what they can and the horses dancing and standing in two foot! She's a little afraid of clowns... or she just don't like it! hahah!

Before the shows started, we recieved a free coupon for horse riding but she didn't want to ride. But after the horse show, she already wanted it. So during a 30 minutes break, they gave another time for children to ride a horse, so finally Angelikka got it!

All pictures I've taken were not so good! I don't know maybe because of the lightings inside and I don't know how to adjust my camera! huhu..But anyway, in all It was fun!

Friday, April 16, 2010

YELLOW on Mommy Moments!

mommy moments

Laikka has many orange color aside from pink because I am an orange girl..hehhe! Might not be her favorite color but because its me who still choosing for her now... well, hekhek!

She has few YELLOWS anyway, even her lay-out on this blog is yellow heheh and her dress on that previous post before this is yellow..! Here are more:)

Who can miss her undying winnie d' pooh hat:) She loves it summer or winter hahahahh!!!
While we were in the store one time and she became tired of shopping,(grin*) she rested in the waiting area where the background is plain yellow:)
By the way, I will just share this yellow flower just showing up as a sign of spring:) This is the latest pics:) Happy Yellow moments on MM everyone!

Veranda Open;)

During winter our terrace will not be used and its closed because its surely full of snow:) This place is so nice during summer because of its open view to the nature outside and it feels like your spirit is free as you watch the birds outside and the wide forest beyond:) The young people playing football, the children biking ang running, families having picnic and as if you are watching the whole world below while you are there above them!!! hahahah!

Even its no summer yet but this whole week the sun is watching us! Nice weather and its still shining until 9 in the evening..amazing:) So, we started opening our veranda, Angelikka as usual so happy:) We need to clean it up and arrange, put some flowers and make it "mysigt":) Yesterday, we had time to grill as a family just there outside at our terrace:) hehhe, and Laikka find it so interesting;)

Well, hang on is circus time..hhahah!!! be back!!! have a nice day!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Out with Mr. Sun!

It's a sunny weekend here. And Laikka from yesterday wanted to go around riding his bike but since we were away from home yesterday, we promised her to do it today. As typical her, she don't forget promises. Right after she woke up and saw that the sun is shining she crawl to her Dad who still sleeping because he just get home from work, and start kissing him in order for him to wake up. So, I told her to eat first and we will go out to bike, only her and me because her father is still tired! But she don't want to eat, she already want to go out directly! hahaayzzz so excited! As usual she won!

She was so happy enjoying every minute with Mr. Sun:) Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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