Wednesday, March 30, 2011

With the cousins!

Angelikka really had fun when we were in Philippines specially time together with her cousins. She don't feel strange or different at all when she was with them. They speaks whatever, english, visaya,swedish and yet they understand anyway. The funny thing was, while laikka learning visaya from them, her cousins learned fast more from Laikka, I mean swedish. I was amazed hearing them speaking some swedish word and even a short sentence.

Oh how I miss them. Laikka  still remember them and their names now. I just always show her their pictures. And sometimes they say 'hi' 'hellos' at the internet.  She ask me when she can meet them again:)???

Monday, March 28, 2011

Out with her summer thing!

She thought and insisted that its already summer and so she must take out here bike and have a joy riding around..but then she was disappointed and I felt so sorry for her.
flat tire

I even took the bike from a hard and tapsy garage and she kindly watch the baby outside, the father still at work but I can see her energy of wanting to roam around her bike cause it was wonderful weather we had last friday so I tried to get her bike though. But then when she's already excited to ramble, we found out that her bike has flat tire:( Huh, it seems her excitement fell so down..disappointed! Haayyy..but she understand so I just let her pose and have pictures just outside our apartment and we went home!

Still looking for a pump..we were busy on the weekend:) Have a great week ahead everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

WHITE in Mommy Moments!

This weeks Mommy Moments is color 'white'. I don't like white clothings because of its fragility..hehe. Its easy to get dirty and therefore we must have extra care if we have white on us. Yes specially to children, they don't care:) But then, in what reason I have so many whites I realized. I don't know how it happened:) Anyway, for my entry today, here I'll share some:)

angelikka white cape
I like this white blazer or cape on her. She recieved it during her one year old birthday but it was little big for her that time:) It still fit her until now.

This is my favorite white spring jacket. It fits me well and elegant. So comfortable. This was given during my__ birthday.:) wink*
Happy Mommy Moments Every one!

the cross-eyed bear:)

Angelikka been so sweet naughty this days. She already have many things learned for fun. She always made me laugh everyday by playing anything funny and even sometimes sarcastic story and funny faces. But making her eyes cross each other is the one I don't like and it triggers her more to do it knowing I don't like it! huh! her father has taught her how to do it and it irritates me.

And the white thing under her lips is a cream she'd put to make it like a beard or a mustache. I don't know what she eat.hahha! But she think its funny!:)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sleeping on the Floor!

The first day we arrive at our house in Philippines, Angelikka was so tired that she right away lied on the floor until she fall asleep. It was so hot that time when we were there thats why we became tired so easy plus the long travel, no wonder Angelikka became so exhausted. Good thing my parents changed already our flooring into something cooler, it was the classic Hardwood Floor before. It was perfect timing for my little girl. I remember she slept so long even of some disturbance from cousins:)

I just find this picture so cute of her lying there and I know she don't understand yet what happen and who are these people around her:) As I was checking our pictures from Philippines this makes me smile and missing again PI. Oh please! Anyway, Another week I know it won't be long and it will be summer time again so, start planning for summer activities now and feel the warm once again. Exciting!

Weekend Activities!

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Hope everyone got a good one. In our part, the whole family did a general cleaning in our simple home. We thought the summer or spring already coming so soon, so we better fix a little beautifying our crib.

My husband doing the hard, heavy and difficult part like wiping the glass windows while me was doing the extras that i think only women can have the patience doing, I mean the details. And the girl in the house and thats Angelikka at first just watching us, observing, I know she wanted to help but how. Yes, she did!!! While we're on break, I sneakout to my computer as well as my husband, you know doing shout out on facebook and checking  of course some newsfeeds, doing ppc management on my blogs. Well, it took us maybe half an hour break and we didn't realized what our little girl was doing during those time. Guess what? she took over her father's work:) Yes she took the mop and continue mopping the floor and as we noticed she was enjoying it.
She looks like she had fun anyway. I hope it will make her understand that we do need sometimes to do cleaning and its a fun instead of a hard work:) Have a wonderful week everyone! Be happy always! Godbless!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Purple Mommy Moments!

her purple butterfly dress
 It's friday again, and mommy moments here at Lara Angelikka's:) As for this months theme are colors, and this week is PURPLE:). Well, my girl Laikka has lotsof  purple color but winter clothes like jackets, overall and sweeters. I think its so boring if  those pictures will I share here for my entry. So I look on a little more lighter.  Heh, I took a picture of her on her puplr dress today cause I don't see much from our album.

when she was just 2+ years old
See..its a purple sweeter when she was just almost 3 years old that time..eating ice cream at our balcony.

at Hollands airport
The purple bag given by her friend from Cebu when we're about to go back here in Sweden, so she had it on her during the travel home. Happy Mommy Moments mommies:)
mommy moments

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Her PR3 is back!

Everytime I heared from bloggers that there's something going on on google's PR, I always become nervous and excited and hoping. Nervous that my PR4 'Insights' will drop and excited that Laikka's and my other PR0 will get a PR somehow.

And then yesterday, as I checked again, was so happy when I found out Angelikka's PR3 is finally back. After a month of working it out, visiting and linking back, so happy to get it back! Thanks Mr.G. and thank you guys for the visits and comments.


Monday, March 14, 2011

More Blessings for Laikka!

Another season is coming! Laikka is growing up. I noticed lately while I'm dressing up my school girl everyday that her clothes are getting shorter:) So I said, hmm its time to change her closet. And again its gonna be expensive.

I tried to segregate the clothes by its kind..hahah!
Wow! God is good all the time because He's been using people to bless us with everything we need. Number one giver to us as I always been mentioning here is my husband's sister Mia. Last weekend Angelikka recieves a bundle or a bags of clothing which really fits for this time of season. So today I just finished changing her closet!

one pair from the bunch (all 3 pcs.)
See how big is she now:) Proud of you my baby:) Thanks to her aunt Mia and the girls behind! More blessings to you!

Friday, March 11, 2011

GREEN in Mommy Moments:)

at eiffel tower
Wow! GREEN is actually the color I like next to ORANGE but why, oh why, its hard for me to find green things or whatsoever green..huhuhu. But anyhow, I still found some but not that easy..heheh!

Since, green is the color of the week here in Mommy Moments, I would like to share that its my mothers very favorite color. It means LIFE for her since almost all living plants is green. Green also is very helpful for the eyes to rest when its so drained.

in boracay philippines..laikka only 1n6mos.

her green painting dress given during christmas 2009

mommy moments
Happy Mommy Moments Mommies! Have green:)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snowdrops is falling on my head..:)

picking up snowballs
Yesterday when i drop Angelikka to school, the weather was not that good as few days ago. Well, already couple of weeks we experienced better weather. The sun shines and the ice already melted and I thought the spring already is in the air and summer coming soon. So when it was a little gloomy yesterday morning, I just thought also that the sun will shine later. But then when I picked up Angelikka in the afternoon...the road already so white and its snowing! We, Erika's stroller and my jacket were sooo wet. And when Laikka already with us walking and snowdrops falling on us..She was enjoying it..hehe running ang picking up snow in the streets form into a ball and throw it. Haha!
posing on snowman

And today, when we woke up and peep out the window checking the weather, usschhh as in still snowing:) "we will not go to school, hehhe"! Its so hard for me and the tendency for us, specially the children to be sick is so big. Better to be home while we can and do some fun instead.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011



Iv'e been following sites and added their sites to my bloglist after. And I left messages informing them that I followed and added them and hoping they will do the same. Well and then, many followed back and hopefully they also added my link to their bloglist. I know many did what I did but there are also who didn't, so beginning today I will do a little clean up on my sites.

I will visit all blogs that are on my list and look for my link there, and if I can't find my link... So sorry I have to delete yours too. But don't worry, I don't delete right away, I know there are many changes we go through to improve our blog thus other friends in bloglist losts. In this reason I will leave a message to inform you. In the same way, if you think I'm on your list and you can't find yours in my list..feel free to inform me so I can add you right away!

See you then blogger friends!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here comes the shopper!

Everytime we visit grocery store to buy our weekly food budget, Angelikka if not noticed is putting things that she likes to our grocery cart. She find it interesting to shop and I can see she already have choices.

Good there are already small carts for children wherein they can borrow and enjoy shopping too while we parents can shop freely without any disturbance.

Everynow and then, she's happy when we go to grocery stores and always prepare a 5kronor mynt for her small costumer cart. haha! she's just cute. She usually has a full cart than ours:) Have a good day everyone!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Smart Girl for a smart girl!

Since I just got a new baby, It's hard now to go out and visit malls for my shopping spree:) Well, yes I love shopping for me and for my girl Laikka. Shopping is my way of releasing some stress. Specially when 'REA' is present. It's a swedish word for SALE. Here in sweden, when its sale its really sale. And when I see on reklam that there's sale, my shopping hormones really moves..hehe. No wonder that my girl has a semblance of me. She love dresses and thinks nice dresses and some fashion jewelries can made her beatiful. And yes she wants to go with me shopping.

But now I got another girl and still few months old. Its hard to go out and window shop to the mall when you have a 4 year old girl and a little baby with you. I'm so happy to find this online shopping store at Wow, perfect for my vanities because they have lots of girl's wear that are affordable and uniquely nice shop for us women and a large of varieties we really can enjoy shopping. Perfect for my situation because I can just sit in my computer and shop online. They have a very good services with a fast and safe deliveries.

So what are you waiting mommies like me? If you have no time to go into a chaos world of malls and you want a calm and time saver shopping? Smart girl online shopping is for you!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

She's with me in the church today!

before the service start
Angelikka now that she's older already find it interesting to go to church because she already can attend sunday school together with other children. But today she's just with me inside the church. She told me, she just want to sit beside me and will not go to SS. When I ask her why she just said she's tired..hahhah! But infairness, she didn't sleep. We had a special speaker today from Potters House, Texas. He's so lively that even a child can hang out listening to him. I'll talk about him more at my Insights Blog.

outside the church -infront

I'm so happy that my girl already adjusts how to behave when we are inside the church. I can't force her and I did not do it. I always asks her if she want to go with me or not but if she do, I'm so thankful and glad!All I can do is uphold my children in my prayers. I always beleive that there is no hopeless case for a praying mother!

I hope everyone had a blessed sunday today and I wish you all a great week ahead! Godbless!

(Smyrna Kyrkan means Smyrna Church)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mommy Moments- ORANGE!

Orange is my favorite color so no wonder my girl have lots of orange.color-things. So I have no hard time looking for my entry this week on Mommy Moments!

this was when Laikka had a 1year old birthday

her orange winter over all
her orange swimming support:)

mommy moments

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Her Dad wants her to be in Swimming lesson!

Angelikka also loves water. Bath thub, swimming pool, beaches, lakes, seas, oceans..hahah as long as she can swim. She loves it even before when she was still a baby. She's getting more and more interested on swimming specially when she already can do anything as long as she have the support on her.

So,her Dad love it and so happy and proud about it. Her Dad loves diving too and loves to snork the bottom seas. So, he want to enroll Laikka in swimming lesson instead into dancing class. So, Laikka traded him that she will go to swimming lesson as long as she will also be in a dance class.

Oh well, what we can do? She's growing and already shows her own interests:)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

She wants to enroll at dance school!

Angelikka has a 10year old cousin who really can dance so lovely and already attending different contests and even won first prize. Everytime we have a family get together her cousin will present a dance and she's willing to teach the younger cousins and show them how to dance gracefully and lovely. Laikka is one of them and she's really interested and I can see she love to dance also. And Issabel her cousin became her idol.From the time she was 3years old she already told us she wants to go to dance school but we told her she's still too small for it..wait until you'll be 5years old. But these days, she again bagging us to go to dance school even she's only 4. She said so she'll be already good when she's 5 like ate Issa..hahha!

Let's see:) It would be nice anyway!

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