Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Daddy on Mommy Moments!

This week's topic on Mommy Moments is "Dear Daddy". Something tributed to the man in the house:) As mommies, the dad took a very important part of the life of our children. Me, myself can't make it through with out him.I always noticed, my Laikka always do drawings and paintings and even write something at home and give it to her dad everytime he comes home from work. She'll explain whatsoever on it and make a lovely story. Her first word was 'pappa' and her first sentence was "where is pappa?" She's a 'papa's girl' and the day will not end without her playing with her dad.

mommy moments
Yes, as mommy it feels so good when my children shows respect and love to their dad and somehow feel and shows their gratitude towards him. When they play and have time, precious time together? its my sweetest moment watching them.

Dear Pappa,

Mamma; Thank you hun for being the best dad to our children. They are so lucky having you as their father . I am so proud and so lucky as well that you are the father of my children.

Angelikka; I love you pappa, this much (with an action of her hands wide open), and all the time! (hugs and kisses)

Erika; pappapa, pappa, pappa... hmm means a lot!

Happy MM mommies!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nice sleeping position?

While I was bloghopping, visiting friend's sites my husband came up to me and show me this picture from his iphone. So I decided to post it now before I go to bed.

Angelikka sleeps on our sofa nowadays, its already late here but I can just sit on my computer when the girls sleeps. But tonight my big girl found sleeping upside down.hehe! What happened? Is she dreaming, or what! Poor little one..maybe so tired and need a big space? What a sleeping position! Good night!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Becomes a help anyway!

After Angelikka got a little sister and my attention sometimes already been into the new one, she become a pain on my head and make my voice loud of shouting at her because she already do many naughty things to catch my attention. She messes a lot at home and she cannot stay and behave even just a minute!

But then when we got our iphone, it helps me a lot now! I can already work freely without any disturbance. Why? because the interrupter can already sit down and play using my phone or her dads since there are so many games on it that interest children, even the whole time until the battery will be empty..hehe. And I can even blackmail her that if she don't behave and listen to me, she can no longer borrow my phone.

Hmm... atleast right???

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I got couple of expensive things these past few days and I am so happy about them. I am so thankful that I am one of the luckiest to have a chance to enjoy these kind of things. Many wish for it, many wanted it and yet many can't have it. BUT all these things are just vanity. The gladness that we can feel are temporary. And that's what I felt. There's none of these things beats the joy and the pride I felt for having my two real jewels..nothing!

I consider my family and my two precious girls as my treasures. They are the only love of my life here on earth. Those things? are just lust that fills in the decietful heart of mine. Yet, they are not the one who can give me complete happiness but my two two little girl who promised that we love each other till the end... My Laras.

Friday, February 18, 2011

MM: Valentines!

Thank God its friday and its Mommy Moments time! The topic is Valentines Day but I already posted what we did on valentines.
So today as my entry is the heart shape thing recieved by Angelikka as present for heart day- swedish called it that way, a day of all hearts:) She's been longing for this and I thought it would be good to give him now that its heart day.
And I would also love to share the new girl in the house that made me mommy also who recieves a clothes full of hearts:) Every day valentines on Mommy Monents! Good day every one!
mommy moments

Thursday, February 17, 2011

While at Home!

Since my big girl stays at home for this whole week. I just play as her teacher this time. I help how to write her name since I can since that her locomotor is already ready. She writes letters in whatsoever. So I think , her name would be easy now for her to remember and I was right. She easily get it!

Also, I draw her something that she can color on since children easily get tired of doing one thing. And she's doing good, she did not just color it but also copy my drawing..hehe. She always said she can what I can:) I do draw the simplest which I know children can copy. Yeah the way I use to do:)

Well, I think she have fun anyway with me and the little girl. At the end of the day she'll say, Mamma, I love you and I will always will all my life. hehe, thats the sweetest I want to hear from my children. Good day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weather blues!

Angelikka has been home 3days now because of cough and colds. It's not allowed in school if children have it, since children are so sensitive. She don't feel good also and the weather outside became so cold this week, no more snow but ice:) And the wind is so freezing! She's better now but better to stay one more day to be more sure. I hope she'll be okey tomorrow because she's been longing for school already, maybe because she has no playmates here.

Hmm..good day everyone!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The LOVE of my life:)

Sorry just log in here blogging but I should suppose to have a post for this special day before february 14 ends..hehe! Better late than never. We've been out all day and went home late thats why. We had really a valentine day having a time expressing our love as a family:) We went out and had dinner. Here's a picture of my lovely family taken today!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Save by the Curls!

One of the reason why we went home to our homeland was the wedding of my brother and as I've said, Laikka was one of the flower girl! While looking forward to that day,I was already imagining how beautiful she will be on that isle with her long curly hair.

But then one day 2months before our trip to PI she went out from her room and she looked strange! Something with her aura seemed wrong. She didn't tell anything what she did inside her room. Until I noticed her hair bangs no more and at the left side hair so short! Oh no! 'SHE CUT HER HAIR' in curiousity. I really cried cause I know 2 months is not enough for it to grow on that short. Then she cried also when she came to realize what she did was so stupid.

Well, almost all children experienced like this. No need to cry over spilled milk. It will still grow anyway. She was still look pretty anyway during the wedding. People didn't notriced it because her hair is curly, it was save by the curls:)

Friday, February 11, 2011

MM: "A letter to my two lovely girls"

There's no sweetest moment on every mommy than the day they were born. Even if they're growing everyday to the next level in their lives but we always feel they're our forever 'baby'.

Laikka at one day old. Lerra at one day old:)

My dearest Laikka and Lerra,

I'm so thankful God trusted your lives to me and your father. The day you were born were the sweetest thing that happened to my life. Heaven sent His two adorable angels for us to be completely happy and become meaningful. You are my life, without you I am nothing. Its our goal that you two will feel and know in your heart how much we love you and how much you mean to us! I understand the true meaning of LOVE when you came into our lives. You are two little babies, two little one, too weak and dependent but then you are the reason why we became strong as a family. You made us stronger everyday.

I love you, Your father loves you...and thats for always and for sure!!! mamma.

mommy moments

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Celebrated her b-day in PI!

A dream come true for me to celebrate Laikka's birthday in Philippines where many children can attend and enjoy. Its more funny with lots of things we can do. Like big balloons, clowns, games for children and foods:), pretty cakes,tarpulines etc. It's just affordable there to have all these things.

The cake and the tarpuline:)

Last december 3 was her 4rth birthday and we just arrived in PI a day before. So the preparations were so short but with the help of my siblings, it was succesful and so much fun! many children were happy and blessed with foods and give aways! Angelikka also though confused but she was happy in the end!:)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Visiting her so called FRIENDS!

I can say my daughter is so lucky. Almost everything she wants and needs she can get. She has the character like mine which is so open to say what she want no matter if its possible or not. But the difference is it took me so long before I got what I want while almost all she wanted she right away get it.

She's a fan of watching cartoons, the club house, she knows mickey mouse, minnie, tiger, and other friends and one day she told me, you know mama, I want to go to the place where mickey mouse and friends lives. And that will be soon. I just smile and agreed with her as to support her being so positive and trustful.

And then just maybe a couple of months after, we decided to go to disney land Paris. There she had the opportunity to see those cartoon character personally. She was so happy and had fun roaming around that huge area with lots lots lots of entertainment. We even had fun catching them up everytime they'll go public to shake hands to every one. I was so pregnat and Laikka was not big enough and the crowds was so huge. But then we were able to touch them too and say hello. I can see that Laikka was so proud and excited inspite of the chaos:)
Oh! what a fantastic day that was!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Song for my girls!!!

mommy moments

This week's topic on Mommy Moments is about our love song to our children. 'Jesus loves me this I know' is my favorite song to sing for them before going to bed and infact Laikka already know how to sing it and now that she has little sister she also love to sing this song to Erika.

Another song that for me describes my feelings and love to them is the A-youre adorable song! To tell them what they mean to me. Happy Mommy Moments everyone!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little sister is 4 mos. old today!

It's been four months already Angelikka became big sister and yes many changes in her life and many strange things happened:) Today Erika is already four months old and she's been so healthy so far. She grows beautifully and so adorable:) Oh how I love her and feel every moment of her babiness. hehe!

Angelikka in the other hand become more adjusted now. she just want to do and to act as a big sister but she still too young for some. That made her angry why she still can't what she already wanted to do like changing diaphers and holding the baby up.
She's funny, they're funny together and I love them so dearly! mwaah! Grattis Erika, so proud of you!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The fantastic trip that was!!!

Remembering our fantastic road trip last summer, I'm really proud of my darling daughter who adjusts so well on the situation.

Everynight we slept in different places and different kinds of resting rooms to spend the night. There were nights we slept on tent, and most of the time in a hotel but different hotel every night from place to place. We also happened to stay in a house of a friend and also in a summer house and even we experienced sleeping in car!
Our hotel in Paris..She loves it because she has his own place at the top deck!
At our friend's house in kind that they lend their room to us:)
One of the hotel we sleep over on our way to Paris... the nicest hotel for the price.
Laikka really understood the situation so well and even loved the fact that we had different places to stay every night:) She found it interesting and no problem of sleeping at all.

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